Hayley Elliott - Top Quality Vocalist - Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Soul, Motown
Hayley Elliott - Female Vocalist
Hayley has recorded 3 albums between the ages of 18 and 20 which are all for sale for £7 including PP, and her 4th called 'Laid Bare' which is an acoustic album was recorded in 2009. Her best yet Intermission is now available for £8. To purchase an album please choose which you wish to buy then fill in the form below.
Intermission (2010)
1. Crazy
2. Hold on
3. A fine fine line
4. Empire state of mind
5. Wild horses
6.Out here on my own
7. See i'm smiling
8. Run
9. I dreamed a dream
10. My brother lived in San Francisco
11. Song bird
12. Don't stop believing
13. I'd give my life for you
14. I know the truth
15. I'm outta love
16. The wizard and I
17. Someone like you
18. Somewhere over the rainbow
19. Somebody to love
Laid Bare (2009)
1. Fix You
2. To Make You Feel My Love
3. About You Now
4. Who Knew
5. Cannonball
6. I'll STand By You
7. Crazy
8. Summertime
9. Dear Mr President
10. Run
Beginnings (2003)    
1. Journey To The Past                                       
2. We've Only Just Begun                                   
3. Hopelessly Devoted                                        
4. Runaway                                                              
5. The Circle Of Life                                              
6. I Don't Know How To Love Him                  
7. How Do I Live                                                    
8. Starmaker                                                            
9. In L.A                                                                    
10. Lets Play A Love Scene                                 
11. Colours Of The Wind                                      
12. I'd Give My Life For You                              
13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow                 
14. There She Goes                                                
15. Reflections                                                        
From The Heart (2004)
1. Song Bird
2. In His Eyes
3. I'll Be There
4. My Immortal
5. Walk On By
6. Nothing
7. The Power Of Love
8. Count On Me
9. Unexpected Song
10. I Know You By Heart
11. Lets Play a Love Scene
12. From The Heart
13. Goodbye To You
14. Our Kind Of Love
15. Out Here On My Own
Going The Distance (2005)
1. The Game Is Won
2. Wishing On A Star
3. One Day In Your Life
4. Superstar
5. Evergreen
6. Closest Thing To Crazy
7. The Rose
8. Someone Like You
9. You Must Love Me 
10. I'm Not That Girl
11. River Deep Mountain High
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